Where To Buy Sticker Tape To Decorate Your Journal

Where To Buy Sticker Tape To Decorate Your Journal

Washi tape is a colorful and easy way to dress up your journals. It also serves a functional purpose by securing your bookbinding. When I lived at my parents’ house, Washi tape was near impossible to find in the local stores, so I searched the Internet for where I could buy Washi tape to decorate my journals with. While it wasn’t an important enough topic for me to search for on Google, by the end of this blog you’ll be able to find out where to buy Washi tape for decorating your journals with.

Why decorate notebooks with washi tape

I love decorating my notebooks with washi tape, and I’m not alone. From Moleskine to Field Notes, the trend of customizing notebooks has exploded. This set includes six 15mm washi tape rolls and twelve 8 mm rolls. Each roll has a unique botanical theme with gold foil accents (there is one snowflake roll, but it is pretty so I’m letting it slide). All the patterns are lovely and will be perfect for decorating journals/planners and more Buy Washi Tape For Decorating Journals

Tape is cheaper than a fancy leather cover or “special” notebook, but it can add just as much personality. And it’s easy to change your mind with washi tape, too: Peel it off and stick on another pattern.

Washi tape comes in an amazing array of colors and patterns: geometric, floral, animal-print — you name it. You can get it here . It’s a bit pricier than basic masking tape (although the cost goes down once you start buying larger quantities), but it’s worth every penny.

Where to buy washi tape for decorating journals

Washi tape — or Japanese masking tape, depending on who you ask — is the perfect addition to any arts and crafts supply collection. How you use it is up to you, but the uses are endless:

Use it to decorate items like journals, scrapbooks, and clothing.

Washi tape comes in a variety of patterns, sizes and colors. There’s no limit to the number of ways you can work these decorative accents into your everyday life with washi tape. It’s available online at places like Amazon and Etsy.

Use washi tape to organize your craft space by color-coding items. Great product would buy again Online Collar Extender For Suits

If you’re someone who organizes by color (or color-codes), washi tape is a fantastic way to do this in an artsy way. Depending on your organizational style, you can use washi tape for everything from organizing your desk drawers to sorting supplies for a particular project.

Washi tape is also frequently used in scrapbooking or card making projects. You can find washi tape in an array of shapes, sizes and colors that will really make your projects pop!


How to organize your washi tape for the easiest for decorating

Organizing your washi tape for a specific craft project can be tricky.

Tape comes in all colors, patterns and sizes. If you’re like me, you have tons of it stashed away in drawers or boxes. I’ve found the best way to keep track of my washi tape stash is to create an inventory spreadsheet. There are lots of free inventory spreadsheets available online that you can download and use. The one I linked to is perfect for my needs because it allows me to sort items by color and type (see image above).

Once your inventory is complete, you can use a label maker to make your own custom labels. You could also print out this template and write names on the labels with a Sharpie marker.

I find having a physical record of my inventory helps me stay organized because I don’t have to rely on my memory or hope I remember exactly what I have.


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