Vegan Mac and Cheese | CHEAP EASY VEGAN RECIPE

Vegan Mac and Cheese | CHEAP EASY VEGAN RECIPE

Mac and Cheese is the ultimate indulgent pasta dish. We added pumpkin puree to ours to add a rich colour and more nutritional value. This is a belly hug of a dish and it’s a great feel good meal to have in your recipe book. If you’re interested in learning more about plant based cooking we have a new 7 day online course called the 7 Day Plant based Jump Start. For more information on it check out

I mounted under kitchen cabinet for extra bread storage space. Cabinet door would not close all the way so we ended up buying small brackets to screw in over the arms. We put the other one on laundry shelf and it worked great as intended. I also spray painted the kitchen one black and it is holding up very well. Best Under Shelf Basket For Light Items

I use it for my toothbrushes and paste. Perfect very organized. Buy Sink Caddy Sponge Holder For Holding Sponge

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The ultimate Mac and Cheese

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Got 3 of these for my RV; 2 for kitchen, one for bath. Since space is at a premium, these do the trick just fine. The rubber like backing on the inside of where it rests on the door helps avoid marks, scratches & it keeps it quiet when driving. Good purchase. Top 5 Dish Towel Bar For Bathroom Counter Door & Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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