Uniper signs long-time PPA with Pattern for Western Spirit wind energy

Uniper signs long-time PPA with Pattern for Western Spirit wind energy

Pattern Energy Group LP and international energy company Uniper this week announced they have signed a 15-year power purchase agreement for up to 219,000 MWh per year of wind energy generated in New Mexico. The power will be delivered from Pattern Energy’s 1,050-MW Western Spirit Wind project, which is currently under construction in New Mexico and represents the largest single-phase renewable power build out in U.S. history.

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Western Spirit Wind is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

“A large part of our business is about helping communities, municipalities, cooperatives, utility companies, and commercial and industrial loads achieve their energy decarbonization objectives in a cost-effective manner,” said Marc Merrill, President & CEO, Uniper North America. “We provide customized energy solutions that collectively address both reliability-of-supply and environmental concerns, which is why we’re happy to be working with Pattern Energy to bring additional renewable generation benefits to New Mexico and other western states.”

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Western Spirit Wind will be constructed in conjunction with the Western Spirit Transmission Line, an approximately 150-mile 345kV AC transmission line that will add much-needed accessibility for New Mexico’s powerful wind resources to reach the electricity grid in the state and the broader western markets. The Western Spirit Transmission line is being developed jointly between Pattern Energy and the New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority (RETA) and will interconnect directly into the Public Service Company of New Mexico system (PNM). PNM will acquire and operate the transmission line upon its commissioning.

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“We welcome this partnership with Uniper and look forward to providing New Mexico wind power to New Mexico consumers from our new Western Spirit Wind project,” said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Energy. “Construction on Western Spirit Wind – the largest wind project in North America – is on schedule with 1,000 workers on site. The wind resource at Western Spirit Wind is one of the strongest in the country and has an evening ramp that creates

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