Saweetie Pays For Custom Gear After A Fan Tried To Gift It To Her In Houston!

Saweetie Pays For Custom Gear After A Fan Tried To Gift It To Her In Houston!

Many artists have created custom pieces of work for their favorite celebrities, but it isn’t everyday they actually get to put the work into a celeb’s hands! A clothing designer from Queens, NY recently got the chance to give Saweetie a clothing set he custom made for her, but the Icy Girl was not here for the handout.

The fit is great, with the little rubber nose guards, they are very comfortable. So far, I have zero complaints. Highly recommend! Buy Polarized Aviator For Safe Travel

A designer who goes by ELoc recently caught up with Saweetie and attempted to gift her two outerwear sets from his brand. Saweetie quickly declined his offer to give them to her for free, and instead pulled some cash out of her iced out bralette to support his growing business.

“How much is it? Imma buy it from you,” Saweetie said when ELoc approached her with the gear. “Everything costs money. You put work into it so thank you.”

It would be great for winter activities (skiing/snowboarding shell). I rolled it up and attached it to my pack when I was out on a long run last weekend. The weight caused bruising on my lower back. So I wouldn’t recommend this as a pack-able lightweight jacket for 20+mi runs. It is great however for cold runs in which you’ll be wearing the jacket for the entirety of your activity. Top 5 Fully Reflective Jacket For Chilly Runs

Saweetie pulled out a stack of hundreds and handed the designer a few of them before giving him some props for what he created.

“This is beautiful, it’s glittering, it’s fine quality. Y’all know the Icy Girl only does fine quality,” she said. “And you know Icy Girls get the muthaf*ckin’ money, I know thats muthaf*ckin right.”

If you’re a fan of the Icy Girl, then you know she is very fond of supporting her fans. She was recently spotted performing on the Santa Monica pier with a bucket for tips, and while some thought he was trying to collect the coins for herself, Saweetie explained that the proceeds were given to one of her fans who is an up and coming artist.

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It’s ALMOST everything I’ve ever wanted in a jacket. Windproof, waterproof, reflective, and zippered pockets. Inside pockets would be the cherry on top, but honestly, it already packs quite a punch. Whenever I wear it, heads are turning. I’ve gotten so many compliments about it and people asking where I got it. This jacket is awesome!!! Buy Fully Reflective Jacket For Rainy Runs

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