Save on blenders, succulents, and more at Amazon’s Spring into Summer event

Save on blenders, succulents, and more at Amazon’s Spring into Summer event

The only issue is in the design of the slide. I’ve had it about a month now and it’s slide off the track about 3ish times. Those times were my boyfriend not understanding how the caddy worked and I think he pulls it out too far and too fast. You have to slide it out gently because there really isn’t anything to stop it from falling off once it reaches the end of the track. It just pops off and it’s really not fun to put the caddy back on with a piece of equipment on top of it. But it takes a couple seconds and you are back in action! Buy Coffee Machine Caddy Sliding Tray For Cabinet Countertop

Save on blenders, succulents, and more at Amazon's Spring into Summer event

Save up to 26%: Amazon’s Spring into Summer event has a deals section and it’s loaded. As of May 13, find discounts on Margaritaville and Vitamix blenders, plants, and more.

As if we needed another reason to force summer vibes after the year we’ve had, Amazon’s curated Spring into Summer section just got loaded with a ton of deals.

Makes life so much easier. I don’t know how I lived without it. I already had been using their egg cookers for years and love them, I didn’t know they had rice cookers too. Great find, very happy! Buy Microwave Rice Cooker For Home Use

Turn your outdoor space into a makeshift rooftop bar with fancy margarita blenders, hammocks, succulents, and self-cooling glasses on sale — or get your Father’s Day or grad gift shopping done. There are three pages of deals in total, but here are our favorite picks: Read more…

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The baskets seem sturdy and fit well beneath a shelf. However, the image made it seem as though a standard roll of foil would fit easily, and it does not. The box sticks out a couple of inches. I understand that they provide the measurements upfront, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been inclined to measure out a box of foil or cling wrap. It’s fine, but it does seem very misleading as the image is what tend to catch someone’s eye first. That said, in addition to the depth I do wish they were slightly taller as well. Buy Under Shelf Basket For Napkins

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