Need a deep clean? Grab one of these eufy vacuums on sale.

Need a deep clean? Grab one of these eufy vacuums on sale.

Need a deep clean? Grab one of these eufy vacuums on sale.

Check out these Eufy vacuums on sale at Amazon as of May 14:

Using these bags for my decoupaged soaps and they are perfect match for the images I wanted them for. Great deal. Best Burlap Bag For Soaps

OUR TOP PICK: eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 15C — Save $110

BEST FOR STRONGER SUCTION: eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 30 — Save $90

BEST STICK VACUUM:  eufy by Anker HomeVac S11 Go — Save $90

Spring is almost over, but if your spring cleaning is nowhere near done, it might be time to upgrade some of your equipment. A good vacuum will keep your floors looking fresh year-round, even when spring cleaning season has long passed.  I Want A Burlap Bag For Gift Bags

I used an acrylic paint and added a stencil letter for bachelorette party favors. Super impressed with the quality for the cost.

Whether you want a robot vacuum you can set and forget or a stick vacuum that gives you more control over your cleaning routine, there’s a deal here for you. As of May 14, Amazon has some sweet deals on eufy robot and stick vacuums, and you can save up to $120. But don’t wait, these deals are for one day only, so take advantage before they’re gone.  Read more…

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Secondly, I expected these to hurt like crazy at first because I mean that’s what everybody says. But when I first put them on they didn’t hurt at all, they actually felt good to me straight off the bat. Honestly, if it hurts for you, you’re just unhealthy lol. So anyways, they didn’t hurt then I started walking around in them and I for real didn’t stop lightly dancing and walking in them for like half an hour, I didn’t want to sit down. They really feel like a massage for my feet. Best Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage

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