Crochet Sunny Spread Throw – 2 Ways

Crochet Sunny Spread Throw – 2 Ways

The Crochet Sunny Spread Throw is neat with lightly textured spoked grannies. I had fun with it using Super Saver Ombre.

I love the rose design, and the basket itself is great. The issue is with the thread, it’s extremely difficult to get it off the bobbin… on most of them. I’m going to need to buy all my own thread to use, as the quality is not great. But it fits all the things that I would use for my casual sewing needs.  Best Sewing Kit For Tailoring Pants

Originally designed as a solid colour with Red Heart Super Saver, Jade. I was curious about using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre, Baja Blue.

With the ombre yarn, the gradations of the blue are so close that it appears to literally transition though the stepping of the colour is instant when it happens. It can create a multitude of squares of colour variations that are really pleasing to the eye.

You can see in the squares the colour is jumping between the shades. You need 49 of these squares and you could have a large number of uniquely coloured squares to make it look like a patched quilt.

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Amounts

In the original Jade, it was 9 balls of Super Saver. I believe the ombre version, is as follows.

It was a beautiful box. I bought it to use for embroidery. 100/10 would purchase again Top 5 Sewing Kit For Seamstress

Ombre is a large ball at 10 oz.

  • 6 balls of Red Heart Super Saver Ombre
  • 1.25 balls of Red Heart Super Saver Light Gray

Monkeying Around Blanket

To see this pattern in a project, see the Monkeying Around The Blanket. I’ve used that pattern for the basis of this tutorial.

Share with me your thoughts on this square. Do you see yourself using a pattern like this?

Definitely have a love-hate relationship with this product! So gorgeous ones on, good quality, however trying to see where it was cut is a freaking nightmare! And literally takes 95% longer than anything else I work with… Looking for other glitter htv’s, but this one really is beautiful on clothing once it’s (finally) ready to use Buy Heat Transfer Vinyl For Makeup Bags

The tutorial below is for the Crochet Sunny Spread Throw. It doesn’t include the border or monkey face for the Monkeying Around Blanket.

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