Couple who hid $1K in baby products in Target stores says they did so to ‘spread joy and kindness’

Couple who hid $1K in baby products in Target stores says they did so to ‘spread joy and kindness’

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Krystal and Patrick Duhaney decided to pay it forward by¬†leaving cash in baby products at local Target stores.

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“When we had our first child… we struggled to make ends meet, just like most new parents,” said Duhaney.

Duhaney is a mother of two and a registered nurse. She is also the founder of Milky Mama, a company that provides breastfeeding support to parents all over the world.

Duhaney recently posted a video on her Instagram account of showing herself inserting money into diaper boxes and formula cans at Target stores.

“We really wanted to make things a little easier,” said Duhaney. “Hopefully brighten their day and hopefully inspire others to kind of, you know, spread joy and kindness.”

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Duhaney and her husband went to a few Targets locations, including one in Signal Hill, one near Manhattan Beach and one in Carson. In total, Duhaney said she left about $1,000 in cash at the various stores.

“As parents raising two young children, it’s really important for us to let our children know… kindness matters and that you never know what somebody’s going through,” Duhaney said.

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Duhaney said while she left the money she was mindful of safety issues, tampering with products and COVID-19 protocols.
“Diaper containers are sealed. The diapers are wrapped inside the box as well as formula,” Duhaney said. “It’s not like we’re putting it in the powder. There’s a cover. So, we were very, you know, intentional and we were making sure that we paid close attention to those types of things as well, to make sure that we weren’t actually contaminating anything.”

A Target official told ABC7 they did not have a comment on the story.

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